For your questions or concerns about flood insurance, please give us a call?  We are here to help you with your flood needs.


We offer flood insurance for those people in designated flood zones. In addition we offer “Preferred Flood” policies for those that are not in flood zones. An interesting fact that a lot of people do not know is that, over 20% of the total flood claims filed are people that have Preferred Flood policies.  Policies offered thru the Nation Flood Program have 2 deductibles, one on the house & one on the contents. Replacement cost is written on the house & contents is only written for actual cash value at time of loss.  For those who exceed the maximum $ 250k limit of flood insurance requirements, there is “Excess Flood” insurance available.


There is Private Flood insurance we can offer w/one deductible & covers replacement cost on your home & contents, & includes loss of use (additional living expense if is home not habitable). These additional benefits are not included in the National Flood Program. There is an associated cost for this coverage’s.


Commercial flood insurance is available thru the National Flood Insurance Program.